tucker fucker

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From tucker (food) + fucker (one who ruins).


tucker fucker (plural tucker fuckers)

  1. (Australia, slang, pejorative) A cook, especially a second-rate one.
    • 2001, Peter Haran, Robert Kearney, Crossfire: An Australian Reconnaissance Unit in Vietnam, unnumbered page,
      I never made it as a ‘Tucker Fucker’ (a cook), but I made it as a grunt—crap food and buggered and wet, or buggered and dry, all the time.
    • 2003, Gary Blinco, Down a Country Lane, unnumbered page,
      ‘Let's have a cuppa tea,’ he said. ‘The tucker fuckers (cooks) aways do a bit extra, the b;loody instructors always knock it off.’
    • 2010, Jim Nicolson, Long Creek, iUniverse, page 10,
      [] Yer see, young feller, cooks is graded up here. On top yer gets cooks. After ′em comes tucker fuckers. Then bait layers. An′ last of all yer gets yer willful bloody murderers.”
  2. (Australia, slang) A microwave oven.[1]
  3. (Australia, slang) Tomato sauce.[1]


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