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tumble +‎ log


tumblelog ‎(plural tumblelogs)

  1. (Internet) A microblog on the Tumblr microblogging service.
    • 2007, The Deal (volume 5, page 26)
      Tumblr, launched in March, allows users to publish digital files or brief blog posts to a single online location, dubbed a tumblelog.
    • 2009, Gavin Bell, Building Social Web Applications (page 133)
      Twitter and tumblelogs work equally well in this case. However, blogging and longer forms of writing are still important for communicating complex or longer ideas.
    • 2011, Dr Kay Irie, Dr Alison Stewart, Realizing Autonomy
      At the same time as maintaining activity on my tumblelog, I was communicating with other bloggers outside the group, collaborating with other teachers at my own institution, reflecting alone and reading both online and on paper.