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From tuore (fresh) + mehu (juice), originally introduced as trade name for natural fruit juices.



  1. A natural or close-to-natural fruit or vegetable juice, especially orange juice.
  2. (law) A juice produced by mechanical means from fruit or vegetables (täysmehu) that has not been treated with heat (e.g. by pasteurizing). A product called tuoremehu may contain up to 150 grams added sugar per liter of juice.


Inflection of tuoremehu (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative tuoremehu tuoremehut
genitive tuoremehun tuoremehujen
partitive tuoremehua tuoremehuja
illative tuoremehuun tuoremehuihin
singular plural
nominative tuoremehu tuoremehut
accusative nom. tuoremehu tuoremehut
gen. tuoremehun
genitive tuoremehun tuoremehujen
partitive tuoremehua tuoremehuja
inessive tuoremehussa tuoremehuissa
elative tuoremehusta tuoremehuista
illative tuoremehuun tuoremehuihin
adessive tuoremehulla tuoremehuilla
ablative tuoremehulta tuoremehuilta
allative tuoremehulle tuoremehuille
essive tuoremehuna tuoremehuina
translative tuoremehuksi tuoremehuiksi
instructive tuoremehuin
abessive tuoremehutta tuoremehuitta
comitative tuoremehuineen

Usage notes[edit]

  • In common speech, tuoremehu and täysmehu are practically synonymous, although they are defined as different products in so called mehuasetus (juice decree).
  • As orange is the original and still dominant source of commercially sold juice, many associate the word prrimarily with orange juice.


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