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turgency (countable and uncountable, plural turgencies)

  1. The state or quality of being turgent.
    • 1660, The Compleat History of Independency.:
      It is I think more out of custome than necessity, that I I do at this time premise any thing, the Subject whereof we treat, having been fatally felt by most of the Nation in some way or other, yet is it necessary that the history of such turgencies in the State should be communicated, that posterity may hereafter see, in their rise and fall,the certain punishment of Treason, though for a time guarded and upheld by armed violence, and the highest policies of a subtle malice.
    • 1835, Tomás de Iriarte y Oropesa, Literary fables, from the Span. by R. Andrews, page 51:
      To ease these turgencies hydropical I'll chew some juices heliotropical.
    • 1999, Jafar J. Jafar, ‎Issam A. Awad, ‎& Robert H. Rosenwasser, Vascular Malformations of the Central Nervous System, →ISBN, page 366:
      We do use preoperative embolization in these cases, not to prevent perfusion breakthrough, which is infrequent except with relatively large, high-flow AVMs but, rather, to decrease flow and turgency of the AVM.
    • 2010, David Clark & ‎Rubén Jarazo Álvarez, In the Wake of the Tiger: Irish Studies in the Twentieth-First Century, →ISBN, page 25:
      In the case of the Romantic poet Lamartine, he is referred to directly in a poem describing a gorgeous eighteen-year-old girl, whose mother expresses jealousy of lost turgencies and mixed feelings about the mother versus daughter relationship.