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  1. Eye dialect spelling of twenty. (20)
    • 1990, Alan Duff, Once were warriors
      Ah, ya ain't worried bouta a lousy twenny cents are ya? Mean to say, it ain't gonna bust ya is it? Ah, Missa Jake, price on board say five dollah twenny. Price not go down. When it does, we change up on board.
    • 2000, Simon J. Charlesworth, A phenomenology of working class experience, page 128:
      He's got rait good trainers, he buys 'is own trainers, 'is got a paper rahnd, he gets twenny-odd quid a week, I think he gets twenny three, he 'as three quid an' his Mum teks twenny quid off'im.
    • 2006, Les Standiford, Miami Noir, page 264:
      He paid me twenny bucks ta swap out with him.
      Twenny bucks? That wuzz a lot.