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Blend of twat +‎ cunt


twunt (plural twunts)

  1. (UK, slang, vulgar) A fool; an extremely objectionable person.
    • 2011 July 8, Grace Dent, The Guardian, 8 Jul 2011:
      It is completely normal to harbour desires to batter these smug twunts about the head with a hot MacBook Air.
    • 2005 February 25, David Marshall, “Re: Election Campaign”, in alt.dur.general[1] (Usenet):
      I note that in a recent New Scientist some twunt was advocating the use of C02 pressure washers and acidic/caustic cleaning foams instead of the usual disinfectant approach.
    • 2003 November 29, Thanatos, “Annoying ads”, in[2] (Usenet):
      Is that the twunt who looks like Bill Bailey's younger brother?
    • 2003 October 29, Farlie A, “Peter 'Heather' Thomas!”, in comp.sys.sinclair[3] (Usenet):
      Let the pub-dodging twunt embarrass himself with his primitive, witless and repetitive insults.
    • 2003 August 13, David Watson, “the UN in anime”, in rec.arts.anime.misc[4] (Usenet):
      Sorry for being kind of a twunt about other matters, but it's because of posts like this that I don't want to write you off or lose you as a friend.