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uber- +‎ geeky


ubergeeky (comparative more ubergeeky, superlative most ubergeeky)

  1. Extremely geeky.
    • 2004, Christopher Negus & Thomas Weeks, Linux Troubleshooting Bible, Wiley Publishing, Inc. (2004), ISBN 0764577166, unnumbered page:
      Between our long hours of work during the early years at Rackspace, I would try to get his wife to let him come to my ubergeeky LUG-ish user group here in town: X-otic Computer Systems of San Antonio (xcssa.org).
    • 2008, "Game On: 'Napoleon Dynamite: The Game'", Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 14 January 2008:
      Then again, perhaps these game makers are among the legions of ardent fans who adore this quirky film about an ubergeeky Idaho boy and his painfully funny high school experiences.
    • 2008, "Staying in: gadgets and gizmos", Daily Record (Scotland), 29 March 2008:
      The newest model from the willfully obfuscatory watch maker uses 42 white LEDs to tell the time in three different ways - displaying it in hours or minutes or, for the ubergeeky, in binary.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:ubergeeky.