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  1. (rare) plural of u, the name of the letter U.
    • 1856, Goold Brown, The First Lines of English Grammar, page 10:
      These names [] may form regular plurals; thus, Aes, Bees, Cees, Dees, Ees, Effs, Gees, Aitches, Ies, Jays, Kays, Ells, Ems, Ens, Oes, Pees, Kues, Ars, Esses, Tees, Ues, Vees, Double-ues, Exes, Wies, Zees.
    • 1998, Ricardo Corona, "These Esses" ("Esses esses"), in Other Shores (Outras Praias), translated by Ricardo Corona & Charles Perrone
      to say (full of ees, ies, ues) that plurals are always two or more

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Acronym of Upper East Side (neighborhood in borough of Manhattan, New York City, USA.