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Alternative forms[edit]


un- +‎ English


un-English (comparative more un-English, superlative most un-English)

  1. Not English.
    Synonym: non-English
    • 2009, Donka Minkova, Robert Stockwell, English Words: History and Structure, page 24:
      A quick scan of a couple of pages in a dictionary that records the origin of our vocabulary reveals that many entries in it are historically “un-English.” This is not surprising; languages travel []
    • 1999, Ton Hoenselaars, Marius Buning, English Literature and the Other Languages, page 41:
      Fowler effectively refuted critics who had argued that Milton's high style was un-English, but he overstated the case.


un-English (third-person singular simple present un-Englishes, present participle un-Englishing, simple past and past participle un-Englished)

  1. (transitive) To make no longer English; to divest of English character or language.