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un- +‎ British


unBritish (comparative more unBritish, superlative most unBritish)

  1. Not British, or not living up to what is supposed or expected of the British.
    • 1901 April 12, “The Advantages of Spaying Cull dairy Cows, and how to do it”, in The Agricultural Journal and Mining Record[1], volume 4, number 3, page 78:
      Apart from the fact that the latter alternative is un-British, and an undesirable system, the dairying community, as a whole, is in no better position.
    • 1992, Mike Brake, Chris Hale, Public order and private lives
      Anxieties about the general economic and political decline of Britain became projected onto black youth, the image of the unBritish black 'immigrant' []
    • 2008, Thalia Anthony, Chris Cunneen, The critical criminology companion
      Here Pearson (1983) was at pains to bring a historical perspective to the apparently new and by definition unBritish crime of 'mugging' []