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uncoöperative (comparative more uncoöperative, superlative most uncoöperative)

  1. Alternative spelling of uncooperative
    • 1978: Onoma, volume 22, page 229 (International Centre of Onomastics)
      These labourers were uncoöperative, had no interest at all in our investigations or were over-awed.
    • 1996: Fredric Kroll [ed.], Klaus-Mann-Schriftenreihe, volume 6: “1943–1949: Der Tod in Cannes”, page 235 (Blahak; →ISBN, 9783928427050)
      Why are people so surprised to find the Soviets distrustful and uncoöperative in their attitude toward the western powers?
    • 2000: Walter McConville, Anxious in Talara, page 143
      No matter how he tries to subdue the recollection, it bothers him and causes constant psychological conflict. I gathered that much from his mannerisms, although he himself won’t divulge a thing. Very uncoöperative, in fact.