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un- +‎ crossable


uncrossable (comparative more uncrossable, superlative most uncrossable)

  1. Impossible to cross.
    • 1999, Robert D. Abbott, The World as Information: Overload and Personal Design[1], →ISBN, page 38:
      There is what appears under normal circumstances to be an uncrossable boundary, a total barrier.
    • 2009 August 16, Max Byrd, “Rosie and Friends”, in New York Times[2]:
      And it’s brilliantly stitched together by motifs of chrysalises and movies and by a joyous abundance of metaphor and simile: “the ding of a bicycle bell like struck crystal”; a woman “talking for much of the day in a steady soft uncrossable stream.”
    • 2009 August 24, Rita Campbell, “Father and young son die in loch tragedy”, in The Press and Journal[3]:
      There are very few bridges on the footpaths in Skye and even short periods of heavy rain can cause rivers to rise rapidly, often making them uncrossable.