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undefeatable +‎ -ness


undefeatableness (uncountable)

  1. (rare) The quality of being undefeatable.
    • 1933. Michael Arlen. Man's Morality: A Story, page 19.
      His life and the lives of all his fellow officers had been devoted to the service of Airways since childhood, its might and its undefeatableness had been...
    • 1954. Bruno de Jésus-Marie. Love and Violence, page 249.
      It is a standing temptation, to confuse the undefeatableness of total love with the vicious vindictiveness of man's projected malice — to confuse negative...
    • 1990. Norman Vincent Peale. Have a Great Day, page 117.
      October 29, When you attain a sense of undefeatableness, you will always be high-spirited and confident.