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un- +‎ envious


unenvious (comparative more unenvious, superlative most unenvious)

  1. Not envious.
    • 1873, Helen Hunt Jackson, Bits About Home Matters[1]:
      I am as sure as if I had omniscient sight into the depths of his good heart that he has distinct and unenvious joy in every pleasure that he sees other people taking.
    • 1915, Dorothy Canfield, The Bent Twig[2]:
      Eleanor's sweet eyes shone so kindly on her successful rival, and she showed so frank and unenvious an admiration of Sylvia's wit and learning, displayed perhaps a trifle ostentatiously by that young lady in the ensuing conversation with Mrs. Draper, that Sylvia had a fresh, healing impulse of shame for her own recently acquired attitude of triumphing hostility towards the world.