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Via other European languages (cf. Medieval Latin Ungaria, Hungaria, Medieval Greek Ούγγροι (Oúngroi, Hungarians)), ultimately borrowed from Oghur *On-Ogur (ten (tribes) of the Ogur), referring to the Utigur Bulgar tribal confederacy which ruled the eastern parts of Hungary prior to the arrival of the Magyars (Hungarians).


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ungārs m (1st declension, feminine form: ungāriete)

  1. a Hungarian man, a man born in Hungary
    uz kuģa Lilitai īpašu uzmanību pievērš elegants ungārson the ship, an elegant Hungarian paid special attention to Lilita
  2. (genitive plural) Hungarian; pertaining to Hungary and its people
    ungāru valodathe Hungarian language
    ungāru mūzika, dejaHungarian music, dance


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