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From un- +‎ hasty.


unhasty (comparative more unhasty, superlative most unhasty)

  1. Not hasty, the opposite of hasty.
    • 1851, Various, The Illustrated London Reading Book[1]:
      One day, nigh weary of the irksome way, From her unhasty beast she did alight; And on the grass her dainty limbs did lay In secret shadow, far from all men's sight: From her fair head her fillet she undight, And laid her stole aside; her angel face, As the great eye that lights the earth, shone bright, And made a sunshine in that shady place, That never mortal eye beheld such heavenly grace.
    • 1904, Elizabeth Miller, The Yoke[2]:
      A double file of camels with sumptuous housings moved with dignified and unhasty tread after the litters.
    • 1919, Various, The War and Unity[3]:
      The quiet, unhasty, resolved manner in which the Chaplains to the Forces in France are moving is in striking contrast to the hasty proposals and hasty actions threatening on the less prepared soil at home.