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un- +‎ intelligence


unintelligence (usually uncountable, plural unintelligences)

  1. Lack of intelligence.
    • 1904, Carolyn Wells, “Servants”, in Patty at Home, New York, N.Y.: Dodd, Mead & Company, →OCLC, pages 69–70:
      The Intelligence Office proved to be as much misnamed as those institutions usually are, and varying degrees of unintelligence were shown in the candidates offered for the position of cook at Boxley Hall; though, if the applicants seemed unsatisfactory to Patty, in many cases she was no less so to them.
    • 1912, Norman Angell, Peace Theories and the Balkan War[1]:
      There is a way in which Britain is certain to have war and its horrors and calamities; it is this--by persisting in her present course of unpreparedness, her apathy, unintelligence, and blindness, and in her disregard of the warnings of the most ordinary political insight, as well as of the example of history.

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