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uni- +‎ sectarian


unisectarian (comparative more unisectarian, superlative most unisectarian)

  1. (rare) Composed of one sect.
    • 1969, R. G. Torrens, The Golden Dawn: The Inner Teachings, publ. Samuel Weiser, ISBN 9780877282396, pg.71:
      A unisectarian and elastic terminology by means of which it is possible to equate the mental processes of people apparently diverse owing to the constraint imposed upon them by the peculiarities of their literary expression.
    • 1983, Nonformal Education and National Development: A Critical Assessment of Policy, Research, and Practice, Ed. John C. Bock and George John Papagiannis, publ. Praeger, ISBN 9780030613593, pg. 277:
      It is democratically constituted and unisectarian.
    • 1992, Tanka Bahadur Subba, Ethnicity, State, and Development: A Case Study of the Gorkhaland Movement in Darjeeling, Har-Anand Publications, pg. 55:
      With regard to the socio-religious beliefs and values of the Gorkhas it is clear that they were not monotheistic or unisectarian.