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Alternative forms[edit]


From unit +‎ -ize


unitize (third-person singular simple present unitizes, present participle unitizing, simple past and past participle unitized)

  1. To manage as a unit
    • 2002, Eric Brousseau, Jean-Michel Glachant, The Economics of Contracts: Theories and Applications, page 146
      This notion is illustrated empirically by the desire among oil producing firms to unitize oil fields early to avoid the potentially large losses of common-pool extraction.
  2. To convert, package, or organize into one or more units
    • a. 1893, Henry Ward Beecher, The Original Plymouth Pulpit: Sermons of Henry Ward Beecher in Plymouth, page 303
      At any rate the general exterior is the same. And though we may attach shades of difference to them, and they may work themselves out in the final result, there are enough points of agreement to make men cohere; to unitize them.
    • 1997, Martin Stopford, Maritime Economics, page 340
      The container era 1966-95: The solution was to unitize general cargo. Standardizing the cargo unit allowed liner companies to invest in mechanized systems […].
    • 1998, James A. Tompkins, Jerry D. Smith, The Warehouse Management Handbook, page 771
      Pass-through stretch wrappers are used to unitize loads at high speeds.
    • 1999, Ziva Kunda, Social Cognition: Making Sense of People, page 80
      In contrast, in social interactions it is often not obvious how to unitize events or how to score them. What, for example, constitutes a unit of friendliness?