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un- +‎ looked


unlooked (comparative more unlooked, superlative most unlooked)

  1. (archaic) Not checked, not looked over.
    • 1592, William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of King Richard III:
      God I pray him That none of you may live your natural age, But by some unlooked accident cut off.
    • 1841, John Payne Collier, The Mad Pranks and Merry Jests of Robin Goodfellow, page 4:
      ...for when Hengist his men (that were placed to cut them off) fell all upon them, they found such unlooked a resistance, that most of the Saxons were slaine, and they that escaped, wond'ring how they could doe that hurt, having no weapons (as they saw), reported that they strucke downe men like lyons with their tayles; and so they ever after were called Kentish Long-tayles.
    • 1870, Robert Wharton Landis, The Cross: A Poem, page 101:
      And, hearing, months ago, my officer, Who has become a convert to the gods Here worshiped, say, that his young daughter was From death restored by Jesus, greatly I Desired to witness some such exercise Of his stupendous powers; when, all unlooked, Th' occasion offered as I now will tell you.

Derived terms[edit]