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un- +‎ loved


unloved (comparative more unloved, superlative most unloved)

  1. Not loved.
    • 1914, Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Beasts of Tarzan, Chapter 12
      Then, too, there was the mute appeal of this wee waif alone and unloved in the midst of the horrors of the savage jungle.
    • 2019 November 6, “Regional News”, in Rail, page 26:
      Kidderminster: Work can start on a new glass-fronted station building (double the size), following the demolition of the dilapidated 1968 structure. Always unloved, it was cheaply assembled by BR to replace a mock Tudor building that survived for nearly 100 years before being infested with dry rot.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of unlove