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unmannerly +‎ -ness


unmannerliness (uncountable)

  1. The quality of being unmannerly; rudeness.
    • 1904, Mary Johnston, Sir Mortimer[1]:
      Half-scornful amusement, perhaps, and the contempt of the man who has done what man may do for the yoke-fellow who habitually made claim to supernatural prowess; in addition to the scholar's condemnation of blatant ignorance, the courtier's dislike of unmannerliness, the soldier's scorn of unproved deeds, athwart all the philosophic smile!
    • 1909, Herbert Strang, Humphrey Bold[2]:
      That's what I say!" Mr. Vetch did his best to soothe his angry spouse; I fear he suffered a good deal at times from her unmannerliness, though to be sure she was an excellent housewife and had a heart of gold.