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From Middle English unnaturelly, equivalent to unnatural +‎ -ly and/or un- +‎ naturally.



unnaturally (comparative more unnaturally, superlative most unnaturally)

  1. In an unnatural manner; to an unnatural extent.
    • 1902, William Blades, The Enemies of Books, 2nd edition, page 102:
      Another, with the bump of order unnaturally developed, had his folios and quartos all reduced, in binding, to one size, so that they might look even on his bookshelves.
    • 1918, W[illiam] B[abington] Maxwell, chapter XXII, in The Mirror and the Lamp, Indianapolis, Ind.: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, →OCLC:
      Not unnaturally, “Auntie” took this communication in bad part. Thus outraged, she showed herself to be a bold as well as a furious virago. Next day she found her way to their lodgings and tried to recover her ward by the hair of the head.