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unnecessary +‎ -ness


unnecessariness (uncountable)

  1. The state or characteristic of being unnecessary.
    • 1808, Works of Joseph Hall, D.D, Vol. 9, edited by Josiah Pratt, London, p. 9:
      The unavoidableness of which effects hath carried some of their Casuists into an opinion, of the unnecessariness of devotion in these holy businesses: so as one says . . . "Though it be convenient, that the Communicant should have actual devotion; yet, it is not necessary."
    • 1913, Arnold Bennett, The Human Machine‎, p. 73:
      A disciplined brain will at once show the unnecessariness of most ambitions, and will ensure that the remainder shall be conducted with reason.
    • 2007, Karen von Hahn, "Unnecessary Accessories of the Rich and Famous," Globe and Mail, 15 June (retrieved 30 Aug. 2009):
      In the sad case of Paris Hilton, whose sheer unnecessariness epitomizes her career, her unnecessary accessory of choice is an SUV.