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un- +‎ punctuality


unpunctuality (countable and uncountable, plural unpunctualities)

  1. Not being punctual; lateness.
    • 1814 July, [Jane Austen], chapter IV, in Mansfield Park: A Novel. In Three Volumes, volume II, London: Printed for T[homas] Egerton, [], OCLC 39810224, page 84:
      Thank you—but there is no escaping these little vexations, Mary, live where we may; and when you are settled in town and I come to see you, I dare say I shall find you with yours, in spite of the nurseryman and the poulterer—or perhaps on their very account. Their remoteness and unpunctuality, or their exorbitant charges and frauds will be drawing forth bitter lamentations.
    • 1902, Marco Polo and Rustichello of Pisa, The Travels of Marco Polo Volume 1[1]:
      Yule soon became so accustomed to the din as to be undisturbed by the noise, but the unpunctuality and carelessness of the native workmen sorely tried his patience, of which Nature had endowed him with but a small reserve.
    • 1922, May Sinclair, Anne Severn and the Fieldings[2]:
      Thus he made a habit of long walks after dark on week-days and of unpunctuality at meals.