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un- +‎ rebuilt. Attested since the 18th century.


unrebuilt (not comparable)

  1. Not built another time.
    • 1714, James Paterson, Pietas Londinensis: Or, the Present Ecclesiastical State of London:
      The old Parish Church of St. John Zachary near adjoyning, in St. Anneslane, being unrebuilt, and converted into a burial Place for the old Parish, was by Act of Parliament annexed to this []
    • 1852, Henry H. Tator, An Oration Commemorative of the Character of Thomas Jefferson:
      Thus may it be with America, with this exception, that if Americans are true to themselves, posterity will never read their history in ruins unrebuilt, but will read it rather as we read nature's works, by a gradually passing away of old, though useful things, and a gradual, yet certain substitution of new things, still more useful, beautiful, glorious and complete.