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un- +‎ shit


unshit (third-person singular simple present unshits, present participle unshitting, simple past and past participle unshit or unshat)

  1. (vulgar, humorous, rare) To retract an act of defecation.
    • 1999, Fermín Cabal, Shoot! & Castles in the Sky: Two Plays by Fermín Cabal, page 47:
      That's like saying "what he shat he can unshit. "
    • 2000 November 3, Pat Parrinello, “cron (was) Re: allow root telnet”, in alt.os.linux.slackware, Usenet:
      So, if I shits on myself my crons unshit me. :-D
    • 2008 February 7, Charlie, “Eat your heart out Ted.”, in alt.fifty-plus.friends, Usenet:
      Neo-con Coyotes ...because they chewed off their legs to get away from John McCain... and now they have to figure out how to unshit their nest.
    • 2015 April 4, NEMO, “REGARDING EASTER SUNDAY”, in uk.rec.driving, Usenet:
      "The fairy tale also has it that he unshitted and got back on the pot. I don't believe it though." How can anyone unshit? Once it's out, it stays out!
    You can't unshit the bed.