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un- +‎ smooth.


unsmooth (not comparable)

  1. Not smooth; rough.
    • G. Fletcher
      How may weak mortal ever hope to file
      His unsmooth tongue, and his deprostrate style?
    • 2009 March 5, Kohsuke Inomata et al., “High-resolution multi-dimensional NMR spectroscopy of proteins in human cells”, in Nature, volume 458, number 7234, DOI:10.1038/nature07839:
      In contrast, treatment with the uncleavable Alexa-labelled Ub-3A-G75A/G76A–CPP Tat resulted in an unsmooth and heterogeneous pattern of fluorescence in the cells, with intense staining of cytoplasmic components and nucleoli.



unsmooth (third-person singular simple present unsmooths, present participle unsmoothing, simple past and past participle unsmoothed)

  1. (transitive) To make no longer smooth; to roughen or furrow.
    • 1882, W. Marshall, Strange Chapman (volume 2, page 170)
      Her face gathers, furrows, glooms; arching eyebrows wrinkle into horizontals, and a tinge of bitterness unsmooths the cheek and robs the lip of sweetened grace. She is evidently perturbed.