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un- +‎ suspect


unsuspect (comparative more unsuspect, superlative most unsuspect)

  1. Unsuspected; not subject to suspicion.
    • 1921, John Buchan, chapter 3, in The Path of the King[1]:
      [] A pilgrim travels unsuspect, for who dare rob a holy man? and he is free from burgal dues; but if the goods be small and very precious, pilgrims may carry them."
  2. Not suspect; trustworthy or reliable.
    • 1903, Giovanni Boccaccio, translated by J. M. Rigg, The Decameron, Volume II[2], page 218:
      [] Thy honour, hitherto unsuspect, will be known to have been but a shew, and shouldst thou seek thy defence in lying excuses, if any such may be fashioned, the accursed scholar, who knows all thy doings, will not suffer it.
  3. Unforeseen.