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un- +‎ technical


untechnical (comparative more untechnical, superlative most untechnical)

  1. Not technical.
    • 1894, Thomas H. Huxley, Discourses[1]:
      In 1868, thinking that an untechnical statement of the views current among the leaders of biological science might be interesting to the general public, I gave a lecture embodying them in Edinburgh.
    • 1919, Frederic Austin Ogg, The Reign of Andrew Jackson[2]:
      Now, as earlier, Jackson's ignorance of law was somewhat compensated by his common sense, courage, and impartiality; and while only one of his decisions of this period is extant, Parton reports that the tradition of fifty years ago represented them as short, untechnical, unlearned, sometimes ungrammatical, but generally right.
    • 1962, Charles Eliot, Hinduism and Buddhism, Vol I. (of 3)[3]:
      Still there is no doubt that the earliest Buddhist texts and the discourse ascribed to the Buddha himself speak, when using ordinary untechnical language, of rebirth and of a man dying and being born[434] in such and such a state.