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un- +‎ trammelled


untrammelled (comparative more untrammelled, superlative most untrammelled)

  1. Alternative form of untrammeled
    • 1894, G. S. Street, The Autobiography of a Boy, 2nd edition, London: Elkin Mathews & John Lane; Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co., page 15:
      Doctrinal prejudices shut you off from the joy of untrammelled thinking, moral prejudices from the joy of untrammelled living.
    • 1976, Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene, Kindle edition, OUP Oxford, published 2016, page 48:
      If building a baby is such an intricate cooperative venture, and if every gene needs several thousands of fellow genes to complete its task, how can we reconcile this with my picture of indivisible genes, springing like immortal chamois from body to body down the ages: the free, untrammelled, and self-seeking agents of life?
    • 2014 January 21, Hermione Hoby, “Julia Roberts interview for August: Osage County – 'I might actually go to hell for this ...': Julia Roberts reveals why her violent, Oscar-nominated performance in August: Osage County made her feel 'like a terrible person' [print version: 'I might actually go to hell for this ...' (18 January 2014, p. R4)]”, in The Daily Telegraph (Review)[1]:
      [T]he laugh ... that enormous, untrammelled, belly-deep sound ...