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un- +‎ traversed


untraversed (not comparable)

  1. That has not been traversed; unexplored.
    • 1798, George Vancouver, A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, London: G.G. and J. Robinson, Volume I, Chapter II, p. 44, entry for 21 October, 1791,[1]
      I was therefore compelled to relinquish, with great reluctance, the favorite project of further examining the coast of this unknown though interesting country; and, directing our route over an hitherto untraversed part of these seas, we proceeded without further delay towards the pacific ocean.
    • 1933, Robert Byron, First Russia, Then Tibet, Part II, Chapter 8,[2]
      In front of us the untraversed plain shone white as a new-laid tablecloth and dazzling even through a pair of smelter’s glasses.