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un- +‎ trodden


untrodden (comparative more untrodden, superlative most untrodden)

  1. That has never been trod upon; unexplored, unspoiled.
    • 1908, Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows,
      If he could only get away from the holes in the banks, he thought, there would be no more faces. He swung off the path and plunged into the untrodden places of the wood.
    • 1994, Xenophon, Amy L. Bonnette (translator), Memorabilia, page 93,
      Moreover the most becoming place for temples and altars he said to be that which, while being most visible, would be most untrodden; for it is pleasant for those who are undefiled to approach it.
    • 1969, S. Segal, Ecological Notes on Wall Vegetation, 2013, page 252,
      The upper layer of the soil is, therefore, less solid than in other trampled habitats and the optimum development of the community can only take place in the broader joints between paving stones in more untrodden places, often in strips of pavement at the foots of walls where the shifting sand accumulates and turbulent air currents may play an important role.
  2. Of a person: undefeated. (Can we add an example for this sense?)