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From un- +‎ useful.



unuseful (comparative more unuseful, superlative most unuseful)

  1. Not useful; useless.
    Synonym: useless
    Antonym: useful
    • 1630, John Smith, True travels, Kupperman, published 1988, page 47:
      in regard of the situation of this strong Fortresse, they did neither feare them nor hurt them, being upon the point of a faire promontory, environed on the one side within halfe a mile with an un-usefull mountaine, and on the other side with a faire Plaine []
    • 2011, Anne Armstrong, Awakening the Divine Within, page 81:
      If it is deemed to be unuseful, attempt to terminate the action or reverse the impact as much as possible. If it is a useful action compliment yourself and smile inwardly.