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Borrowing from English petrol.


uphethiloli? class 1a

  1. petrol, gasoline


Class 1a
Singular Plural
Full form uphethiloli
Locative kuphethiloli
Singular Plural
Full form uphethiloli
Simple form phethiloli
Locative kuphethiloli
Copulative nguphethiloli
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
Modifier Substantive Modifier Substantive
Class 1 kaphethiloli okaphethiloli
Class 2 bakaphethiloli abakaphethiloli
Class 3 kaphethiloli okaphethiloli
Class 4 kaphethiloli ekaphethiloli
Class 5 likaphethiloli elikaphethiloli
Class 6 kaphethiloli akaphethiloli
Class 7 sikaphethiloli esikaphethiloli
Class 8 zikaphethiloli ezikaphethiloli
Class 9 kaphethiloli ekaphethiloli
Class 10 zikaphethiloli ezikaphethiloli
Class 11 lukaphethiloli olukaphethiloli
Class 14 bukaphethiloli obukaphethiloli
Class 15 kukaphethiloli okukaphethiloli
Class 17 kukaphethiloli okukaphethiloli

Alternative forms[edit]