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uphethilolo? class 1a

  1. Alternative form of uphethiloli


Class 1a
Singular Plural
Full form uphethilolo
Locative kuphethilolo
Singular Plural
Full form uphethilolo
Simple form phethilolo
Locative kuphethilolo
Copulative nguphethilolo
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
Modifier Substantive Modifier Substantive
Class 1 kaphethilolo okaphethilolo
Class 2 bakaphethilolo abakaphethilolo
Class 3 kaphethilolo okaphethilolo
Class 4 kaphethilolo ekaphethilolo
Class 5 likaphethilolo elikaphethilolo
Class 6 kaphethilolo akaphethilolo
Class 7 sikaphethilolo esikaphethilolo
Class 8 zikaphethilolo ezikaphethilolo
Class 9 kaphethilolo ekaphethilolo
Class 10 zikaphethilolo ezikaphethilolo
Class 11 lukaphethilolo olukaphethilolo
Class 14 bukaphethilolo obukaphethilolo
Class 15 kukaphethilolo okukaphethilolo
Class 17 kukaphethilolo okukaphethilolo