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uranium +‎ -ous



uranious (comparative more uranious, superlative most uranious)

  1. Of or containing uranium.
    • 1883 January, Captain Abney, “Recent Advances in Photography”, in Popular Science, volume 22, number 19, ISSN 0161-7370, page 398:
      This differs from the previous process in that the gallic acid, in the one case, reduces the silver solution to the state of metallic silver ; and, in the other case, the uranious image itself reduces it to the state of silver oxide.
    • 1905 December 7, W. R., “The Death-Knell of the Atom”, in Nature, volume 73, number 1884, ISSN 0028-0836, page 132:
      Our action's spontaneous in atoms uranious / Or radious, actinious or thorious : / But for others, the gleam of a heaven-sent beam / Must encourage their efforts laborious.
    • 1959, Tom Lehrer (music), “We Will All Go Together When We Go”, in More of Tom Lehrer, performed by Tom Lehrer:
      When the air becomes uranious / We will all go simultaneous
  2. (chemistry) uranous.