vēl arvien

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Alternative forms[edit]


Apparently a calque of German immer noch ‎(still).


  • IPA(key): [vɛ̂l aɾˈvîɛn]
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vēl arvien

  1. all the time; uninterruptedly; still; yet
    viņam vēl arvien bija cimdi rokā — he had his gloves on all the time (lit. always still)
    Liene vēl arvien stāvēja pie loga un skatījās uz leju — Liene would stand all the time, uninterruptedly by the window and look down
    visu mūžu dzird: pasaule vēl arvien pēc pulvera, pēc asinīm smird — all his life he hears: the world stinks uninterruptedly (lit. always still) of powder, of blood
    vai tu vēl arvien te dzīvo? — are you still (lit. always still) living here?
    tēvs vēl arvien strādā — father is still (lit. always still) working
    viņš arvien vēl nav atgriezies — he still (lit. always still) hasn't returned

Usage notes[edit]

Using vēl arvien / arvien vēl instead of a simple vēl suggests that the action is continuing past its due time, or that its continuation is somehow surprising, unexpected, or inappropriate.