vēl arvien

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Alternative forms[edit]


Apparently a calque of German immer noch (still).


  • IPA(key): [vɛ̂l aɾˈvîɛn]
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vēl arvien

  1. all the time; uninterruptedly; still; yet
    viņam vēl arvien bija cimdi rokāhe had his gloves on all the time (lit. always still)
    Liene vēl arvien stāvēja pie loga un skatījās uz lejuLiene would stand all the time, uninterruptedly by the window and look down
    visu mūžu dzird: pasaule vēl arvien pēc pulvera, pēc asinīm smirdall his life he hears: the world stinks uninterruptedly (lit. always still) of powder, of blood
    vai tu vēl arvien te dzīvo?are you still (lit. always still) living here?
    tēvs vēl arvien strādāfather is still (lit. always still) working
    viņš arvien vēl nav atgriezieshe still (lit. always still) hasn't returned

Usage notes[edit]

Using vēl arvien / arvien vēl instead of a simple vēl suggests that the action is continuing past its due time, or that its continuation is somehow surprising, unexpected, or inappropriate.