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vagitarian +‎ -ism


vagitarianism (uncountable)

  1. (slang) A predilection for performing cunnilingus.
    • 2000 October 19, SDM, “Allan Sniffen Audio Message”, in, Usenet:
      He's probably sending the gay male population of New York back to vagitarianism.
    • 2002 June 10, Pete Zaface, “Rog DVD Review- 100% HAVEN”, in rec.arts.movies.erotica, Usenet:
      Sadly, I detect a pattern I was sure would develop if Haven ever decided to abandon vagitarianism.
    • 2008 June 27, Tall Is Man, “Meet the Normals”, in alt.slack, Usenet:
      ...she sounds sexy to me... but I eat filth! Vagitarianism down before the holey Pusciferian Alter!
  2. (slang) Lesbianism.
    • 1998 July 28, Judy Hodgson, “Gossip that won't mean anything to anyone outside the UK”, in alt.gossip.celebrities, Usenet:
      So I have decided that I am not tending towards vagitarianism.
    • 2004 April 26, Sister Lurlean Tucker, “What's Love Got to Do With It? NOTHING!!!”, in alt.politics.homosexuality, Usenet:
      They ain't advocating vegetarianism - they're a pushing VAGITARIANISM onto frustrated house wives!
    • 2014 March 1, Gus, “Is Joan Jett gay?”, in, Usenet:
      But enough of this talk of vagitarianism. Let's get right to the music.