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vajazzling (uncountable)

  1. (slang) The practice of decorating a woman's vulva and/or pubic area with jewels.
    • 2011, Amy Childs, "Victoria Beckham is my next vajazzle target", Metro (UK), 27 April 2011:
      Vajazzling, a beauty treatment that involves having little jewels glued to one's pubic area, had a whole episode of TOWIE, currently in its second series, devoted to it.
    • 2012, John Boone, "Judi Dench's 007-Bedazzled Neck: It's The New Vajazzling!", E! Online, 25 October 2012:
      Ladies, take your rhinestoned nether regions back to 2010 where they belong, because vejazzling is so over.
    • 2012, Liza Mundy, "'Vagina: A New Biography' by Naomi Wolf", The Washington Post, 27 October 2012:
      The vogue is also courtesy of vajazzling, Pussy Riot, Rush Limbaugh and a host of other cultural factors and thought leaders. So are we in a vaginal heyday or a backlash?
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:vajazzling.



  1. present participle of vajazzle