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Derived from the stem of the verb velt ‎(to full, walk (cloth)). At first used only to refer to clothes that were to be fulled; the modern meanings 'linen', 'undergarment', 'bed clothes' are attested only from the 19th century on.[1]


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veļa f (4th declension)

  1. linens, cloth, towel
    galda veļa — table linen, tablecloth
    gultas veļa — bed linen, bed clothes
    kokvilnas veļa — cotton towel
    ārstnieciskā veļa — medical linen
  2. undergarments, underwear
    miesas veļa — body linen, underwear
    triko veļa — knitted underwear
  3. laundry, washing, wash (of clothes)
    veļu (iz)mazgāt — to wash clothes, the linen
    veļas mazgājamā/mazgāšanas mašīnawashing machine
    veļas ziepes, pulveriswashing soap, powder
    veļas dienalaundry day
    veļas mazgātava — launderette, laudromat



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