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ventriloquy +‎ -ize

Alternative forms[edit]


ventriloquize (third-person singular simple present ventriloquizes, present participle ventriloquizing, simple past and past participle ventriloquized)

  1. (intransitive) To practice ventriloquism.
  2. (transitive) To speak the words of (another person), as though by ventriloquism.
    • 2008 March 9, Daniel Mendelsohn, “Stolen Suffering”, in New York Times[1]:
      Ms. Seltzer has talked about being “torn,” about wanting somehow to ventriloquize her subjects, to “put a voice to people who people don’t listen to.” Ms. De Wael has similarly referred to a longing to be part of the group to which she did not, emphatically, belong: “I felt different.

Related terms[edit]