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From Latin vermis (worm).


vermicious (comparative more vermicious, superlative most vermicious)

  1. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of worms.
    • 1870, Mary Allan-Olney, Estelle Russell, Volume I, Bernhard Tuachnitz (1870), page 278:
      "I wish to dress according to the station in which Providence has pleased to place me. We are but worms, worms," said Mrs. Vivian, shaking her head mournfully.
      "You don't look much like one yet," said her son, with wonderful gravity; "and I wish you would not make vermicious allusions at luncheon-time, Mamma, for it spoils my appetite."
    • 1882, "Illogical Philosophy", The Virginia University Magazine, Vol. XXI, No. 7, April 1882, page 403:
      With what peace of mind would the contemplative disciple of Isaac Walton pursue his charming vocation if he knew that the vermicious bait upon his hook was slowly struggling itself into eternity?
    • 1899, Journal, Issues 8-12, page 63:
      Amongst vermicious pests the following have been received : []
    • 1903, Bulletin of the Department of Agriculture, Jamaica, Volumes 1-2, page 57:
      Bots are a frequent cause of lack of condition in our horses in Jamaica and other types of vermicious pests are undoubtedly of frequent occurrence.
    • 1905, The Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Victoria, Volume 3, page 47:
      The strength of the sheep during the vermicious attack must be sustained by good feeding, so that the invaded animal may be able to withstand the extra strain on its system.
    • 1962, Laurent Le Sage, The French New Novel: An Introduction and a Sampler, Pennsylvania State University Press (1962), page 34:
      Dealing with the lowest layers of psychological life, she presents her characters in terms we associate with protozoan or vermicious creatures.
    • 2004, Sherri L. Burr & William D. Henslee, Entertainment Law: Cases and Materials on Film, Television, and Music, Thomson/West (2004), ISBN 9780314153951, page 144:
      "If I were a lawyer telling someone how I could be useful to them, I would say, 'Everybody out here is going to take whatever they can and the only way to protect your interest is to have someone as vermicious as the next guy and I promise you that I will push everything to to the edge to make sure that I look after yours.' []