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vertical smile (plural vertical smiles)

  1. (slang) A vulva.
    • 2010, Tre, Draco's Awakening
      Making my tongue nice and stiff I entered her ass yet again, moving in and out as I ate her ass like a hungry and starved man. But it was not enough, for I longed for the sweetness of her, and so I moved my mouth and tongue further up to find her vertical smile. There I truly could taste her, enjoy her as I lovely[sic] licked at her privates again and again beckoning them to open up to me as I tried to French kiss her delicate lips.
    • 2004, Michael Glock, Raisin Bread Toast: And Other Collected Tales of Fantastica
      It's all she knows, she bends and twists and works the gaggle of men, enflaming them, enticing them, bringing them erect by revealing more and more of her pink shaven vertical smile.
    • 1994, David Farrell Krell, "To the Orange Grove at the Edge of the Sea: Remarks on Luce Iragaray's Amante marine", in Peter J. Burgard (ed.), Nietzsche and the Feminine, University of Virginia Press, →ISBN, page 207,
      […] she […] lowered her hands between her knees her thighs and joined thumb to thumb and index to index forming a diamond windowframe about her smiling not-mouth her notclosed lips her ragged gaping vertical smile […]

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