vestibule school

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From vestibule (passage or hallway connecting to the interior of a building) + school.


vestibule school (plural vestibule schools)

  1. A schooling facility organised within an industrial plant to teach specific skills to trainee workers.
    • 1924, Horatio W. Dresser, Psychology in Theory And Application, 2005, page 329,
      [] he is then sent to the vestibule school to be trained for a certain position.
    • 2006, Y. K. Singh. H. S. Rabat, Human Resource Management, New Delhi, page 229,
      Large organizations frequently provide what are described as vestibule schools, a preliminary to actual shop experience. [] Vestibule schools are widely used in training for clerical and office jobs as well a for factory production jobs.
    • 2010, Raj Kumar, Human Resource Management: Strategic Analysis Text and Cases, New Delhi, page 148,
      However, when the number of trainees is large, vestibule schools are generally utilized; but when the number is small, on-the-job training is preferred.