video ho

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From video (music video) +‎ ho (whore).


video ho (plural video hos or video hoes)

  1. (slang) One of the attractive, highly sexualized female dancers or actresses, typically black, who commonly appear in hip hop music videos.
    • 1991, Havelock Nelson and Michael A. Gonzales, Bring the Noise: a Guide to Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture, Harmony Books, ISBN 9780517583050, page 162:
      Already Queen Latifah was going for hers in this male-dominated world of video ho's[sic] and fantasy B-gals.
    • 1997 August, Greg Tate, “Soul Sister Number One”, in Vibe[1], volume 5, number 6, page 82:
      Just when we thought couldn't nobody be a black woman in pop music without being a provocative pop tart, a put-it-on-the-glass video ho, or a gold-digging hoochie mama, here comes Badu—on BET, no less, home of the superficial, land of the fake.
    • 2009, Tracie Howard, Friends & Fauxs[2], Random House, Inc., ISBN 9780767929936, page 129:
      The only difference between Imelda and a video ho was the stripper pole.