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video +‎ book, probably on the model of audiobook.


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videobook (plural videobooks)

  1. A book developed in video format, or a video structured similarly to a book, used chiefly in teaching and learning.
    Are there any Windows XP videobooks that will teach you computer networking?
    Stephen King has a new videobook - I can't wait to watch it!
    • 2001, William H. Hsu, in [1]
      Yes, I do expect someone else to come along and tell the story cinematically again. It's happened two or three times in our lifetimes, and the book is barely (or nearly, counting from 1954) 50 years old; why not again? But I don't expect a "videobook recording" cf. the audiobooks that have adhered verbatim or nearly so.
    • 2003, Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson, Dune: The Machine Crusade [2]
      He hurried along, hoping to get in position by sunrise, and climbed a high dune that made him think of a grandstand he had seen once in a videobook brought from offworld.
    • 2004, Bob Crispen, in hsv.politics [3]
      My son has written two books and a videobook, and his publishers gave him an advance on every one of them.