vitamin I

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From the first letter of ibuprofen, called a "vitamin" because some athletes rely on it daily.


vitamin I (uncountable)

  1. (humorous, slang) Ibuprofen.
    • 2008, Jayne Williams -, Shape Up with the Slow Fat Triathlete, →ISBN:
      Ibuprofen has relieved pain and inflammation for millions of people. It works, scientists believe, by controlling the body's synthesis of a hormone called prostaglandin, which affects the inflammatory response to injury, stress, or injury. Some triathletes tape the little brown pills to their bikes so they can take them as they ride. For people who tolerate vitamin I well, it's pretty much a miricle drug.
    • 2010, Jim Oooooo, What I Did on My Summer Vacation Or North to Alaska, →ISBN:
      But I am up, hobbling around, taking hefty doses of ibuprofen, good ol' vitamin I.
    • 2017, K.A. Hrycik, Hold for Hiker Trash, →ISBN:
      "Nah," The Liberator waved it off, "I took some good ol' vitamin I."