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From voc(ā) (to name, call, summon) +‎ -bulum.



vocābulum n (genitive vocābulī); second declension

  1. designation, name, expression


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative vocābulum vocābula
genitive vocābulī vocābulōrum
dative vocābulō vocābulīs
accusative vocābulum vocābula
ablative vocābulō vocābulīs
vocative vocābulum vocābula

Derived terms[edit]



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    • we have no expression for that: huic rei deest apud nos vocabulum
    • to form, derive a word from... (used of the man who first creates the word): vocabulum, verbum, nomen ducere ab, ex...
    • the fundamental meaning of a word: vis et notio verbi, vocabuli
    • synonyms: vocabula idem fere declarantia
    • the word has a more extended signification: vocabulum latius patet
    • the word has a narrow meaning: vocabulum angustius valet
    • this word is neuter: hoc vocabulum generis neutri (not neutrius) est)
    • the proper term; a word used strictly: vocabulum proprium