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vugh ‎(plural vughs)

  1. Alternative form of vug
    • 1917, Geological Survey of New South Wales, Mineral resources, Issues 26-35, page 106,
      Several years later larger vughs at lower levels were met with containing a much greater number of stalactites. One vugh as large as a room contained so many that it was difficult to move about in it.
    • 1955, Yorkshire Geological Society, Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, Volume 30, page 60,
      The explanation of the not infrequent pairs of hemispherical concretionary masses with polished cross-sections might lie in the miners carefully extracting the rounded and bulbous masses of fluorite projecting from vugh linings.
    • 1957, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Proceedings, page 107,
      The largest patch seen, which is about 2 cm. across, is a milky white crystal almost filling a small vugh in otherwise barren white quartz from the 3-level.

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